Government This Week

Among significant decisions in its weekly meeting, the Government of Armenia on Thursday:

Approved were changes to be made in the draft State Budget 2010. The changes will increase Armenia’s deficit spending by about $26 million.

The draft budget submitted for parliament in October called for $1.828 billion in revenue and $2.323 billion in expenditure, with the deficit standing at about $494.6 million.

Allotted $2.6 million for rebates to persons turning in cash receipts, as part of the government’s initiative to promote the use of cash machines (used as a means for determining taxation, but hardly used in Armenia until enforcement of law began early this year).

Amended the “Law on Holidays and Memorial Days” according to which the New Year and Christmas will be celebrated from December 31 to January 2. January 3-7 were designated as non-working days.