Official: Armenian spy case is submitted to court

The preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated on high treason in the form of espionage, illegal procurement and keeping of weapons and ammunition carried out by the Investigative Department of RA National Security Service was completed, as reported by the prosecutor’s office. ( The prosecutor supervising the criminal case confirmed the bill of indictment.

During the preliminary investigation it was found out and justified, that RA citizen, former employee of the Ministry of Defense G. Hayrapetyan had been recruited by the Azeri Special Service in April 2009, had gathered and passed them secret information about the fighting capacity and defensive potential of the Armenian Armed Forces as well as some materials with the purpose to implement anti-Armenian propaganda.

G. Hayrapetyan received the last task by the Azeri special service on September 1, 2009 from the citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Azeri B. Bagheri and the countersign of the meeting was the photo of the employee of the Azeri Special Service who was acquainted with G. Hayrapetyan. G. Hayrapetyan had hosted B. Bagheri in his house, who passed him the next task in the envelope, in return he gave the latter the materials which can be used for spreading anti-Armenian propaganda revealed by the workers of RA National Security Service in the hiding-place at the bottom of Bagheri’s bag during the check in the Karchevan customs point in Meghri.

In addition, fire-arms and ammunition was found during the search in G. Hayrapetyan’s apartment.

On the obtained evidence, RA citizen G. Hayrapetyan was charged according to RA Criminal Code, Articles 299, part 1 (high treason in the form of espionage), 235, part 1 (illegal procurement and keeping of fire-arm and ammunition), and the citizen of Iran B. Bagheri was charged according to RA Criminal Code, Article 302 (espionage committed by a foreign citizen).

The criminal case was sent to the Court of First Instance of Avan and Nor-Nork Administrative District of Yerevan for the thorough examination.