Serj Tankian for SOS Teghut: Diaspora rock star responds to environmental campaign’s offer

A Diaspora-Armenian rock star has provided what looks to be a mostly affirmative response to an appeal by an Armenia-based environmental pressure group to contribute a song to the continuing conservationist effort for an endangered forest.

Young environmental activists in Armenia have resisted the development of copper mines around Teghut, in northern Armenia, warning that the operations put the local forest with some rare species of flora and fauna on the verge of extinction.

Last week, SOS Teghut addressed a letter to former System of a Down (SOAD) lead vocalist Serj Tankian asking him to author a new song that would expose environmental problems in Armenia.

According to the information reported on SOS Teghut’s blog this week, Serjical Strike Records manager George Tonikian replied to the group by saying that "I am going to see if we have a song that we can allow your cause to stream on the website for non-commercial purposes.” He also presented a Tankian statement “on the goings on with the Teghut Forest”:

“The destruction of wildlife and environmental havens can no longer be excused for the sake of progress or the attainment of natural resources. Civilization walks a tight rope between survival of self and destruction of all. Based on our historical past and our current geopolitical reality, self reliance for food, water, and energy is extremely important. The destruction of wildlife and the resulting addition to carbons in the air have created the conditions for global warming that severely limit our self reliance. Mining is against our combined interest as a people and nation.”


In the letter addressed to Tankian, SOS Teghut, as its activist Hrair Svazyan earlier told ArmeniaNow, also offered the celebrated rock star to come to Armenia with a concert program dedicated to environmental issues.

Tankian, an American-Armenian singer and songwriter, is known for his civil advocacy reflected in his compositions, including for his lobbying of the Armenian genocide affirmation, human rights and animal rights.