Green College: Armenian environmentalists to open first specialized school in the CIS

Armenian environmentalists believe one of the main reasons of environmental problems in the country is the absence of specialists in the sphere. The vocational training colleges in Armenia do no have the subject of ecology in their curriculums; even though the faculty of environmental studies and ecology exists in few higher educational institutions, there is a lack of specialists who can make reliable assessments or hold adequate monitoring.

To provide the country with the environmental specialists the ‘Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets in the Republic of Armenia’ (FPWC) is planning (within two years) to open an environmental college in Armenia, where lessons will be taught both in the Armenian and English languages. (It will be the first such college in Commonwealth of Independent States.)

The head of the foundation Ruben Khachatryan says the idea to found such a college occurred a year ago, when his organization (FPWC) participated in the World Environmental Education Congress in Canada, presenting the activities of the eco-clubs (created by FPWC) to develop the environmental education programs in the provinces of Armenia.

“As a result of experience exchange, we understood that Armenia also needs an environmental college on the same model as the US and Germany have, because currently environmental education is in a poor situation in Armenia,” says Khachatryan.

The college will offer a two year education to the graduates of secondary schools (the fee is not determined yet) and several faculties, such as environmental investigative journalism, video art, in environmental design etc.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia has approved the idea.