Battle over History: Top American TV news magazine on “Armenian Auschwitz”

Correspondent Bob Simon took a drive into what is now Syria, to the barren wilderness, to what amounts to the largest Armenian cemetery in the world as the most respected investigative news television program in the United States looked into “the longtime feud between Turkey and Armenia over Genocide.”

“60 Minutes” – known for decades for its reportage and occasionally controversial programming – included a segment on the Genocide entitled “Battle Over History” during its Sunday broadcast on the CBS network. The popular news presentation has an audience of some 14.3 million viewers.

“Deir Zor is to Armenians what Auschwitz is to Jews. The most ghoulish thing about the place is that 95 years later the evidence of the massacres is everywhere. Just a short distance from the banks of Euphrates there's a dump. It's also the site of a mass grave. It has never been excavated. All we had to do was scratch the surface of the sand to collect evidence of what had happened here…” ( See the full version of the CBS 60 Minutes program transcript.)

The program’s video is available here.

As of this posting, the video on the CBS’s website had attracted more than 530 comments from viewers.