Beeline offers DELL netbooks at discount prices

“ArmenTel” (Beeline trademark) announces seasonal discounts for DELL Inspiron 1018 24W and DELL Inspiron 1018 48W netbooks, given connection to Beeline’s “Drive” mobile internet tariff plan.

Subscribers, who conclude a contract for use of “Drive” tariff plan with the condition of non-termination in the course of the year before August 31, 2011, will receive the chance to purchase DELL Inspiron 1018 24W and DELL Inspiron 1018 48W netbooks at preferential prices.

In the period of the campaign, DELL Inspiron 1018 24W netbook’s price will make AMD 132000 instead of AMD 179 000, and the price for DELL Inspiron 1018 48W will make AMD 135 600, instead of AMD 182 000.

The customer can pay for the cost of the netbook in the course of 12 months.

“Modernization of the third generation network, expansion of the coverage zone, sale of computer equipment with a convenient form of payment and seasonal reduction of prices: all this aims at giving everybody the chance to gain access to internet and modern technologies. In Beeline offices, any visitor can find what they need, since a wide range of notebooks and netbooks, meeting most diverse needs, from amateur to professional, is presented here”, General Director of ArmenTel Igor Klimko said.

While concluding a contract to use “Drive” tariff plan for the term of no less than 12 months, USB modem is provided free of charge. The monthly subscriber fee in “Drive” unlimited mobile internet tariff plan makes AMD 6000. If the volume of consumed traffic reaches 3072MB (upload/download) in the course of one calendar month, limitation is introduced as to the speed of internet access up to 256kb/sec.