ArmenTel is ready to enhance the internet speed up to 60Mbps

ArmenTel will be able to provide up to 60Mbps internet speed through its subscriber lines, stated the company’s CEO Igor Klimko while presenting the company’s vision on how the internet will develop in Armenia within coming years.

Klimko said that following the market demand, the company has invested about USD 30mln in its chain infrastructure to gradually enhance the speeds over the past 1-2 years.

“Our network is ready to much higher speeds and today’s presentation was aimed at signaling the Armenian internet community on how the internet will develop in Armenia in the future”, said Igor Klimko.

According to Igor Klimko, ArmenTel hasn’t got many subscribers yet who need such speeds but the company’s forecasts show that the company’s subscribers will shift from ADSL to VDSL within next 2 years.

“1-3Mbps is the most popular speed among the subscribers whereas it will make 5-10Mbps by the end of 2012”, said Klimko.