Orange launched testing of up to 42Mb/sec download speed network in Armenia

Today Orange announced test launch of the most recent 3G+/HSPA technology in three large cities of Armenia – Yerevan, Gumri and Vanadzor, allowing up to 42Mb/sec download speed. Up to 42Mb/sec network is currently available only in testing mode. Today during the Orange’s live network testing, maximum speed reached to 39Mbps, while the average was 35 Mbps.

The new upgraded network allows to instantly download music, films, software, play games, as well as watch films on internet without interruptions and even with HD quality.

“With the strong support of France Telecom Group, Orange again establishes new quality criteria in the Armenian mobile internet sphere. We are proud to share our new achievement with our customers and everyone who is interested in the technological development of the country. Armenia is now among the first countries of Orange footprint to implement this technology. The new speeds will become available to the market once we finish technical testing”, said Bruno Duthoit, Orange CEO, adding the new tariffs will be announced soon.