Environmental Alert: Group warns that Arpa River is in danger

Trchkan Armenian environmental initiative has sent another letter to the Minister of Nature Protection Aram Harutyunyan raising concerns about the impact of two hydro-electric stations on the Arpa River.

According to the group, the river is in danger of going dry, due to the impact of the stations.

Trchkan says that one waterfall on the river has gone dry and another – which is on the list of natural monuments – is barely flowing.

“We kindly ask you to review this issue and find out how the owners of hydro-electric stations violated the ecology norms, and caused the channel of the river to become dry.
This is not the only case when we see how the small hydro-electric stations damage the nature. Our activity will keep this problem in its focus and gather facts and substantiations which will later be submitted to the Ministry of Nature Protection,” the letter reads.