Special Edition: Karabakh, 25 years into the struggle

These days 25 years ago, Armenia was feeling the stirring of a movement that would eventually change the makeup of the region, and bring world attention to an unheard of “enclave” – Nagorno-Karabakh.

The Karabakh Movement would be lead by men who later would become elected and appointed leaders of independent Armenia. The movement would also lead to the deaths of thousands, the displacement of thousands more and a standoff that continues these many years later.

The Movement began in February and its anniversary passed as we have been watching/reporting on crowds protesting the latest presidential election. They gather in the yard of the Opera House, now known as “Liberty Square” – so named for the movement that started there 25 years ago and for the spirit that it still conjures today.

In this issue, ArmeniaNow visits today’s Karabakh, in a series of articles that also appear in the winter issue of AGBU magazine.