Vardan Petrosyan

Actor, scriptwriter, parodist Vartan Petrosyan

Horoscope sign: Pices,

Marital Status: Married, a daughter and a son

The last work done: Performance devoted to the Genocide “The Upsurge” and the DVD of the “On Fire” performance

The last book read: Peter Balakian’s “The Black Dog of Fate”, Henrik Shatiryan’s “Kharam”

Favorite actor: Vahram Papazyan, Mikhail Chekhov

Fvorite singer: Louis Armstrong, Charles Aznavour

Favorite painter/sculptor: Breigel Senior, Vermeer of Delphi

In a film devoted to your life, who would play you? Celentano or Yurski in younger years

What would like to become if you were not an actor? A doctor

If you appeared on an uninhabited island, what book, record, film or painting would you take with you? I would take a woman, if it was possible, if not – I would take the cross my daughter has made.

What is your most cherished wish? It may sound ridiculous, but I still dream of the return of our lands.