Arts Digest September 24th – September 30th 2005

FRENCH YEAR IN ARMENIA STARTS: French Culture Days in Armenia started with the exhibition titled “France with the Eyes of Armenian Artists”, organized in the Embassy of France in Armenia September 27. The display has around 50 paintings of mainly young painters depicting various sides of France and French life. In the National Library of Armenia another exhibition was organized where books of French classic writers published since the period of 1500 to 1900 were presented.

CONFERENCE ON ALPHABET: An international conference dedicated to the 1600th anniversary of invention of Armenian letters that brought together 23 researchers from Armenian Diaspora and 60 from Armenia, ended on September 29. The conference focused on the contemporary state of Armenian linguistics with a special emphasis on the plight of Armenian schools in Diaspora. Part of speeches was on differences between the western and eastern versions of the Armenian language. A professor from the USA, Hrant Margarian, argued that steps should be taken to eliminate this controversy.

CONCERT TOURS TO THE USA: Singer Nune Yesayan is currently on tour in the USA. Her first concert was in Washington D.C. Nune is presenting new songs and favorite hits from her repertoire, reported

Modern garments are designed and prepared specially for the USA concert tours by the designers, twin brothers Vardan and Gevorg Tarloyans.

CONCERT EVENING: On October 10, Rouben Hakhverdyan is to have a concert at Coliseum Club, Sayat-Nova restaurant complex. He will present old and new songs by guitar and also compositions from his CD entitled “For Kids Between the Ages 0 to 100”.

SOLO CONCERT: On November 7 & 8 solo concerts of sisters singers Inga and Anush Arshakyan will be held in Yerevan. The concert program includes only Armenian national folk songs which are on their second CD as well as new material.

On Yerevan stages…

“Hye Fest” International Theatre Festival

3 & 5 OCTOBER Theatre (Opera) Square Cacahuete (France) “The mama’s funeral” / Street performance.

3 OCTOBER Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre (small stage) Theater Am Faden (Germany) presents The star eyed shepherd”

4 OCTOBER Sundukyan National Academic Theatre (small stage) GOY Experimental Theatre presents My death” / Magic Tragic-sarcasm

7 OCTOBER Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre London Arts University / Graduate Company (UK) "The Overcoat" by N.Gogol / Animated scenery