Arts Digest

NEW ACTION FILM: A premiere show of the film by Armenian-Russian film director Alexander Atanesyan “Svolochi” ("Bastards") produced by Paradise company, took place in Moscow cinema theatre on February 2.

The film was shot in Armenia in spring 2005 in the mountains near Amberd ancient fortress.

Actors Andrey Panin, Andrey Krasko, Aleksandr Golovnin portray top-secret subversives during WWII who train a group of orphans who should stop the actions of a German army group called "Edelweiss". They all know that after the mission is finished they all will be executed since they all know to much to be left alive.

Screenwriter Vladimir Kunin’s story is fiction. Russian Interfax agency reported that The Federal Security Service's archives contain no documents suggesting that orphaned children were trained as suicide bombers at a Russian secret police special camp during World War II.

PHOTO EXHIBITION: "EU and Me" photo exhibition opened in Yerevan. The UK Ambassador to Armenia Tony Cantor reported at the ceremony that the purpose of the exhibition is to reflect people's opinions on how they will benefit from Armenia's joining the EU. "The photos show people from all Armenian regions in their daily life: at home, in an office, at church," he said.

The exhibition, organized by the British Council in Armenia and the Euro Commission Delegation in the RA, will be held in Yerevan till February 7, and then - in the country's various regions.

“ARMENIAN DAY” CONGRESS IN INDIA: On January 28 a congress named “Armenian Day” was organized in Kotayam city of Kerala state in India. About 150 University and religious representatives from many countries took part in the conference. The congress was organized by Research Institute after St. Yeprem and professor of Catholic University of Louven city in Belgium, a specialist of Armenian language and lecturer Andrea Schmidt. Doctor Jean Paul Deshler from Catholica Unio University in Switzerland spoke on the topic of “Armenian miniature paintings and Byzantium icons”. Those who spoke mentioned the importance of teaching ancient languages, especially Armenian.