Environmentalist: Sewage waste adds to overall river pollution in Armenia

Most of the rivers in Armenia are in good condition in terms of their degree of pollution due to the lack of industry, though it has not contributed to the complete resolution of the problem, expert Seyran Minasyan told media.

“The main cause of pollution in our country is considered chemical waste, but there are also a number of other factors,” he said, adding that very often even in the absence of chemical plants rivers are contaminated because of negligent treatment and garbage thrown into rivers by residents.

“For example, there is so much garbage and trash at the estuary of the river Gavara that the DNA of carp-type fish in the river has been modified by about 30-40 percent, and this is the case when there is no factory there,” he said.

The expert spoke about the missing of clearing stations in Armenia.

“The main causes of pollution is untreated sewage, whereas we have only clearing stations to reduce the pollution of Lake Sevan and a few local stations in the areas belonging to some hotels, but they are very few to solve global problems,” he said.

Minasyan added that mining also causes big problems because representatives of the field are extremely irresponsible while approaching to social issues.

“Industrialists try to get rid of waste as soon as possible by throwing it to nearby rivers without taking into account that by doing that they add to the elimination of rivers.”

Referring to the construction of hydroelectric power plants, he said that they can be built and should be built.

“Hydroelectric power stations should be built. They simply must take into account the ecosystem, ecological risks,” he concluded.