Ethnic Armenian among injured in Istanbul blast

An ethnic Armenian was injured in Turkey in a weekend suicide bombing attack in central Istanbul.

Oksan Khachanian, 40, was at his workplace when the bomb blast occurred in the city’s shopping area, editor-in-chief of the Istanbul based Armenian Jamanak daily Ara Kochunian said, reports the Public Radio of Armenia.

According to reports, the injuries incurred by Khachanian were not life-threatening and he was receiving treatment in hospital.

A suicide bomb attack on Saturday killed at least five people, another 36 were injured, officials say. The bomb went off near a government building on Istiklal Street. Turkey says a Turk linked with ISIS was behind the attack.

This was the fourth suicide bombing in Turkey this year. Another Istanbul Armenian, Rudi Sayat Pulatian, student of the Middle East Technical University of Ankara and member of the Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party, was among those injured in a powerful blast that hit Turkish capital Ankara last October.