Under One Brand: Ucom promises only “changes for the better” after Orange Armenia acquisition

The Orange Armenia brand that appeared in the Armenian market in 2009 and has 500,000 customers, joining Ucom, an Armenian telecommunication company, will maintain its services almost unchanged under one brand, representatives of Ucom say.

The Ucom company purchased Orange Armenia’s 100 percent shares in 2015 by expanding its services to provide mobile communication and mobile Internet services. Now Ucom and Orange Armenia have entered a phase of brand change and will soon be united under a single Ucom brand.

“The Ucom Company has been providing services in the local market for several years. In 2009, on entering Armenia’s mobile phone market, Orange Armenia has had a great contribution to the spread of 3G network in the country. The merger of these two companies will make it possible to improve the quality of services and providing four services under one brand,” Hayk Yesayan, the general manager of the Ucom Company, told media on Monday.

According to him, it is important to maintain and enhance the quality of former services provided by both Ucom and Orange Armenia, and Ucom will become its rightful successor and will assume all responsibilities to customers.

The representatives give assurances that the phase of changes will pass almost unnoticed for customers and subscribers of Orange Armenia, as there has not been carried out any noticeable changes in existing services, and that changes are expected in the future and only for the better.

According to the Ucom Company, not only will they maintain, but also improve Orange Armenia’s entire infrastructure. The first step has already been done: Ucom has started to introduce the latest LTE radio access network in the whole territory of Armenia, which provides a faster and more efficient Internet connection.

“There will be no major changes in terms of logo of the Ucom brand, which has gained popularity and will be kept, but some surprises are expected. There will be changes in April and we will move forward under the Ucom trademark. We are an Armenian company, but our services are already in line with international standards, and we will continue to develop this trend,” concluded Tigran Safaryan, the Ucom company’s marketing and communications director.