DM Ohanian: Ceasefire agreed by chiefs of armed forces’ staffs of Armenia, Azerbaijan

The ceasefire reached in Nagorno-Karabakh on Tuesday afternoon after more than three days of heavy fighting was agreed at a meeting in Moscow between the chiefs of the general staffs of the armed forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan, Armenia’s Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan revealed during today’s Cabinet session in Yerevan.

According to Ohanyan, the offensive of Azerbaijani forces against Nagorno-Karabakh’s positions on April 2-5 was unprecedented by its scale not only since 1994, but also in the entire history of the conflict. “It was unparalleled first of all militarily - by the density of fire along the entire line of contact, the use of military hardware, the quantity of personnel and equipment involved, the closeness of their armed forces to the line of contact, as well as the loss of personnel within such a short period of time,” the Armenian defense chief said, as quoted by Armenpress news agency .

“The enemy has lost ten times more personnel than the Defense Army,” Ohanyan added.

The Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Ministry said late on Tuesday that 29 Armenian servicemen had been killed in action and 28 others gone missing since the start of the hostilities on April 2. As many as 101 Armenian servicemen were wounded in the clashes. Azerbaijan officially put the number of its casualties at 31.

Speaking at today’s government meeting, Defense Minister Ohanyan also reaffirmed that Karabakh’s Defense Army retained initiative and control of the high ground along the line of contact with Azerbaijan’s forces. He stressed the heroism of Armenian soldiers and volunteers that he said prevented Azerbaijan from achieving anything in this confrontation.