Analyst: Karabakh must be involved in Minsk Group negotiations

Azerbaijan will not unleash full-scale operations in the near future, but it is not excluded that another outbreak of violence may occur in the Karabakh conflict zone in the future, said head of the Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation Stepan Grigoryan.

According to him, the Armenian side should develop diplomatic field and support the involvement of Karabakh in the negotiation process.

“Hasn’t the four-day war showed that it is impossible to solve the problem without Karabakh? You have to respect Karabakh and involve it into the format of the Minsk Group. Being realistic is better. How, in this atmosphere of hatred, can a solution concerning Karabakh be forced on even Azerbaijan?” Grigoryan told media on Thursday.

According to him, the Azerbaijani side wants to deprive Karabakh from Armenians and thus solve the problem. “Here, the Armenian side has work to do: it has to involve Karabakh in the negotiation process. Without it we will face new tensions,” he said.

Grigoryan thinks that what happened during the four days at the line of contact between Karabakh and Azerbaijani armed forces was a real war. Nevertheless, the rival sides tested each other, and Azerbaijan felt Karabakh’s combat readiness, which are likely to have a major impact.

“After such a stir Azerbaijan will not dare to repeat the same thing in the near future, but we need to understand that if a person is emotional, then he can do the same thing again,” he concluded.

The ceasefire reached in Nagorno-Karabakh on Tuesday afternoon after nearly four days of heavy fighting was agreed at a meeting in Moscow between the chiefs of the general staffs of the armed forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Dozens of servicemen were killed on both sides as a result of the clashes.