Aiding the Frontlines: Different initiatives in Armenia aim to support servicemen, their families

While different civil initiatives and individuals continue to work towards assisting servicemen who have taken part in the defenses of the borders in Nagorno-Karabakh, businesses in Armenia also show their support for the cause.

On April 7, the ABB Bank Board decided that loan obligations of the families of killed servicemen will be annulled.

As of Friday morning the Karabakh authorities have published the names of 44 soldiers killed in repulsing Azeri forces on April 2-5. About two dozen servicemen are considered missing and over a hundred are wounded.

The statement was made appeals on social networks, where they urged the government to shut down or reset state funds or credit obligations of servicemen and their families.

Republican MP Margarit Yesayan also raised the issue in parliament, suggesting that the government come up with an initiative to allow the families of killed servicemen have their bank loans annulled.

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan said the issue would be thoroughly considered.

Government statistics show that many families in Armenia and Karabakh have bank loans and the families of servicemen may not be an exception in this sense.

It is noteworthy that earlier social media had also discussed the issue of appealing to mobile phone operators to stop charging phone calls from and to Karabakh by roaming tariffs.

The three mobile phone operators in Armenia, Ucom, VivaCell and Beeline announced that they would charge calls to and from Karabakh by the tariff of 5 drams per minute (the current exchange rate is about 485 drams per US$).

In its turn, 7,000 employees of Gazprom Armenia donated a month’s salary to the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

Citizens’ initiatives across the country, meanwhile, provided different essentials to Nagorno-Karabakh areas affected by the hostilities.

A fundraiser, “Help Artsakh”, is also aimed at providing financial assistance to the families of the military. Different organizations, including the Armenian General Benevolent Union, have been making appeals for donations to be made to special accounts at HSBC Bank:
001-018183-050 in AMD
001-018183-150 in USD
001-018183-152 in Euros