Armenian DM calls for confidence-building measures in wake of Paris meeting

Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan has accused Azerbaijan of continuing to keep the situation tense in the Karabakh conflict zone despite the statements made at the latest round of talks in Paris on October 27.

Talking to reporters on Saturday, Ohanyan placed importance on confidence-building measures as a condition for ultimate success in the Karabakh negotiation process.

According to the minister, however, the peace talks over Nagorno-Karabakh remain limited to statements without practical steps.

“Confidence-building measures have to be the first precondition of progress. The situation has been tense during these days, with gunshots [fired by the Azerbaijani side] increasing in number,” Ohanyan said as quoted by media.

“Should our neighbors realize that confidence between the two countries is necessary, future success will be possible,” he added.