Karabakh Casualties Report: 20 Armenians KIA, 26 missing

Twenty Armenian servicemen are dead and 26 are missing after three days of fierce fighting against attacking Azeri forces in Nagorno-Karabakh, Defense Army spokesman Senor Hasratyan told media in Stepanakert on Monday.

According to the official, the number of Armenian servicemen wounded in clashes is 72. The Armenian side has also acknowledged the loss of seven tanks in battlefields.

“Azerbaijan’s advancement has not exceeded 300 meters. At this moment, we have three lost positions in the southern direction and three in the northern direction,” Hasratyan said, as quoted by Armenian media.

The Karabakh Defense Army representative said that Azerbaijan has lost 18 tanks, two helicopters, 6 armored vehicles, as well as other military hardware. The Armenian side estimates Azerbaijan’s casualties at about 300, but so far Baku has admitted only 15 killed troops.