Mourning rite at Blue Mosque: Iranians in Yerevan pay tribute to their compatriots

Mourning rite at Blue Mosque: Iranians in Yerevan pay tribute to their compatriots

Iranians in Yerevan gathered July 16 at Blue Mosque to pay tribute to the air crash victims

Tarini and Nasiri, 20-years-old students were supposed to arrive from Tehran to Yerevan on July 15 to continue their education in Yerevan State Medical University, however the fatal light interrupted their plans and their lives.

These Iranian youngsters were among those 168 victims of the air crash of Tu-154 airline.

“It was very sad for me to hear that news, they were still so young, and they could achieve many things,” Rosana Lutsika, 37, who is their friend, says with great grief.

Lutsika and dozens of Iranians living in Yerevan gathered July 16 in the Blue Mosque in central Yerevan to participate in the requiem rite for those lost in a Northern Iran crater.

“We all send our deep condolences to the relatives of our brothers and sisters,” says Chapu Lotsin, who works in Armenia as a dentist.

Lotsin, like many others who gathered Thursday did not lose relatives at the disaster, but all feel the loss of those who – like they – might have been on board such a flight.

Another Iranian, Bozu Bandi, who works at the Iranian Embassy to Armenia as a diplomat also says he came just to pray for dead.

“I did not lose any friend or relative. Anyway, this is the tragedy of all of us. And here we all pay our tribute to them. This was a very deplorable accident for both Armenians and Iranians,” the diplomat says.

The rite started with an old prayer – Namaz; men and children took their shoes off, and sat on their knees in the Mosque. Separated by a curtain and covered with paranjas beforehand, women also participated in the requiem rite.

Some 1,500-2,000 Iranians live in Yerevan, 100-500 of them periodically attend the Blue Mosque every Thursday.