Scientific article or scientific denial of Genocide?: Political analysts argue over content of book

Iskandaryan is accused of denying Genocide because of using the word in quote marks.
The ‘Ararat’ Center for Strategic Research filed a lawsuit against the ‘Caucasus Institute’ (CI) Foundation in Armenia for printing and distributing a book which has an article refuting the fact of the Armenian Genocide. The word genocide is written in quotation marks 34 times.

CI recently published a book in Yerevan called ‘Caucasus Neighborhood: Turkey and The South Caucasus’ (Yerevan), where among other articles there is an article called ‘Turkey-Armenia relations: an eternal deadlock?’ the author of which is Turkish Aybars Görgülü.

“The author of the article referring to the Armenian Genocide casts doubt on that historical fact not only by an open announcement but also by legal means using the term Genocide in quotation marks several times (34),” says Armen Ayvazyan, Director of ‘Ararat’ Center for Strategic Research.

The editor of the book is Director of ‘Caucasus Institute’ Foundation Alexander Iskandaryan, and Ayvazyan insists that the choice of the articles belongs to him, too.

Iskandaryan, after a long lasting silence, finally on Tuesday (September 29), clarified that the article “does not have any sentence refuting the Genocide.”

In the article the expression “genocide” allegations’ is used several times, and there is the following sentence:

“Turkey felt aggrieved that Armenia accused Ottoman Turkey of having committed ‘genocide’ about which serious doubts remain and intense discussion is still going on.”

Ayvazyan told ArmeniaNow that if these sentences and the whole article are not a denial, then “Iskandaryan either does not know what denial means in general or he does not want to accept it.”

“In the legal sense, there is no violation, because at the beginning of the book there is a statement saying that the Institute does not bear any responsibility for the thoughts expressed by the authors of the articles. Besides, there is a reference under the word Genocide that is written in quotation marks, stating that it is only the opinion of the author,” Iskandaryan says, giving assurances that the trial will last ten minutes, and it will not continue.

Iskandaryan is sure that the Armenian public has the right to know what people in Turkey think about the Armenian Genocide.

“This is a scientific article, and science must submit all the existing opinions,” he says.

Ayvazyan demands that the court should oblige the ‘Caucasus Institute’ to apologize publicly, as well as to ban the usage of the word Genocide in quotation marks from now and on, and stop the further distribution of the book.