Business on receipts: Government decides to review procedure of providing bonuses for receipts

The state is planning to take measures to restrict the “crafty”.

The bonus money in exchange for receipts that the State began to pay in July is currently one of the most discussed topics in Armenia, equally essential as the Armenian-Turkish protocols. As it is known, this way the government aims to raise citizens’ interest in demanding receipts while shopping.

And it turned out that in this sphere as in many others, the crafty appeared who tried to make a profitable business out of it for themselves.

The bonus money is paid off depending on the sum of the money indicated on the receipts. Mainly the bonus foresees providing of additional money of about one percent of the amount won for each shopping above one thousand drams ($3.3). The prize fund of the lottery by receipts given to the public as a result of the use of cash registers totals 115 million drams ($300,261).

Armen Alaverdyan, Deputy Head of the State Revenues Committee of the Government of Armenia, said at a press conference Tuesday that at the moment 75,000 citizens of Armenia are expected to get bonuses in exchange for receipts. However, among them there are such people who submitted quite fantastic statements about getting bonuses.

According to those statements, within several days those citizens filled several dozens of cars with patrol every five minutes and they bought several thousand bottles of alcoholic beverages. To the question how that became possible, the answer was again the same – “It was a wedding party, and I paid for both the petrol and the alcohol,” Alaverdyan said.

According to him, the above mentioned proves that the crafty appeared in the sphere, who not only write such statements, but they also sell and buy places in the queues for getting bonuses. “The government is planning to take urgent steps for preventing the activities of such crafty people in the near future,” added Alaverdyan.