Orange-Armenia Launch: Armenia’s third mobile phone operator promises favorable conditions to its subscribers

The third mobile phone operator, French ‘Orange-Armenia’ Company, officially launched its operations in Armenia on November 5 with a promise to provide its services on very favorable terms.

As Orange-Armenia CEO Bruno Duthoit said at a press conference Thursday, Armenia became the 31st country where the company now has operations.

Orange-Armenia (a daughter company of France Telecom Group) has pledged to open and run at least one operations office in 42 towns of Armenia within two years, as well as GSM coverage within the territory of Yerevan and in 42 towns.

Besides, in three years (since getting the license) the company is obliged to cover 83 percent of the territory of Armenia with its mobile phone connection.

“We have already invested $80 million, and we are planning to invest even more,” Duthoit said.

The roaming of ‘Orange-Armenia’ will be available with 131 countries, moreover, it will be free of charge. As for the company’s service tariffs, ‘Orange-Armenia’ offers four packages.

The price for internet connection (super-fast speed) ranges from 9,000 drams ($23.50) to 16,000 drams (about $42) per month, depending on the package type.

“We will do our best to provide our subscribers with maximally profitable conditions for our services in order to become the number one operator in Armenia,” Duthoit stressed.

Until Orange’s entry, Armenia had two mobile phone operators – ArmenTel (100 percent belonging to Russian VimpelCom) and VivaCell-MTS.