Cyber Attack: Armenian IT specialists say local websites rehabilitated after Turkish hackers’ attack

Armenian IT security experts consider the hacking of websites supporting the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Turkish hackers earlier this week to be an act of hooliganism that has since been resolved.

On February 1, the Turkish Dogan news agency released information, saying that Turkish hackers had started a struggle against the international recognition process of the Genocide, and that they had hacked more than 6,000 websites in different countries of the world.

“Do not believe Armenians’ lies, the greatest genocide has been committed by you – America. We will continue our actions against all those countries which will dare to release hostile and insulting statements about Turkey,” Turkish hackers posted this message both in English and Turkish on the hacked websites.

Ruben Muradyan, Security Deputy Director of Smart-Tech Company, told journalists that the Turkish campaign called ‘1923 Turkish Group’ is the largest yet, but added that it was a skillful PR step, because after it everybody started talking about them.

A few days ago, 190 Armenian websites, whose host server is in Canada, belonging to the Armenian Smart Systems Company, were also subjected to hacking attacks.

Founder of the company Stepan Aslanyan told ArmeniaNow that their websites have been facing such problems for eight years.

“It is hard to say how protected and unprotected the Armenian websites are, but I can say that if in other countries where the problem of information wars is not an issue, websites with similar levels of security are hacked rarely,” Aslanyan said, adding that the information struggle makes the Armenian websites more protected.

“The attacks on us are numerous; we have very concrete cyber enemies. The Armenian state websites are under protection for a year, and since then not a single successful attack has been registered. The private websites in terms of being protected are quiet different; currently much more attention is paid to IT security,” says Samvel Martirosyan, expert in IT security.