Lawmakers try to bring bodyguards’ services into legislative field

The National Assembly of Armenia is planning to discuss a draft law under which bodyguard services provided to private individuals will be brought to the legislative field. According to the new draft law, any citizen who would like to apply to bodyguard services may turn to institutions which train bodyguards and after that he or she will be provided with no more than one car and three bodyguards.

The authors of the draft law are Hovhannes Sahakyan from the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) faction and Hrayr Karapetyan from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) faction.

The Dashnak lawmaker believes that the law is even belated, and in fact, some individuals keep “an army of bodyguards”, while bodyguards themselves have become a means of settling issues.

“Studying the international experience and discussing it with specialists, especially with the Police, we understood that three people [bodyguards] are quite enough to provide a person’s security,” Karapetyan says.

The new law will concern only private individuals, and the security of state officials will remain to be regulated by the already existing law.

“It is not a secret that in many criminal phenomena and during criminal clashes the very bodyguards have been the instigators. There are numerous cases, which prove that the activity carried out by bodyguards must be only within the framework of a law,” Karapetyan says.

The new law will also regulate the cases of applying to special signal devices. Bodyguards will wear special uniforms. The right to carry a weapon will be determined according the law on weapons. The weapon will be registered, and in case of using it a bodyguard must report the Police about it within 24 hours, if not - he may be deprived of his license.