Ohanyan Trial: Former police chief lashes out at commander

Ohanyan Trial: Former police chief lashes out at commander


Armenia's former Road Police Chief Margar Ohanyan, who is charged with embezzlement, stated in court on Monday that the “fabricated case” filed against him is the revenge of former Police Chief Alik Sargsyan.

Ohanyan, who was detained in August, is charged with misappropriation of more than 150 tons of fuel (designated for traffic police vehicles) and costing $571,000 in damage to the state.

It is noteworthy that Ohanyan, who pled not guilty, transferred half a million US dollars compensation to the State Budget yet during the preliminary investigation of his case, explaining that it was a matter of his “honor and dignity”. However, now he declares that after straining relations with former Police Chief Sargsyan, “simply revenge has started” against him and moreover, in quite “impudent ways.”

“There were disagreements over personnel changes, some disagreements connected with the work, which have nothing to do with petrol. The business disagreements were transferred into personal relations [into revenge],” says Ohanyan, making sure that after it a large-scale checking was held in all departments of Road Patrol Police office.

Ohanyan testified that Alik Sargsyan ordered his subordinates not to talk to him “unless I go and beg Alik Sargsyan to forgive me.”

Clarifying how the employees of “the sixth and seventh departments and general headquarters of the Police” called his relatives and acquaintances in testimony, Ohanyan stated that the lawsuit filed against him launched “not after the prosecutor’s confirmation, and not even by the Special Investigation Service, but rather according to the assignment made by high-ranking officials of the Police.”

Ohanyan’s attorney Mkrtich Vasakyan told ArmeniaNow that “It is less possible that former Chief of Police, present Adviser to the President of Armenia Alik Sargsyan will be called to the court,” however, “if there are no pressures and if no false testimony is given” then Ohanyan’s innocence will be very easy to prove.