CSTO collective forces’ military drills to be held in Armenia

The military drills of the operative response collective forces of the CSTO will be conducted in Armenia next fall, Secretary General of the CSTO Nikolay Bordyuzha told at the space bridge today. He said six member-countries will participate in the drills.

Referring to the usage of the CSTO forces in critical conditions, Bordyuzha noted that currently the organization has enough potential to act in such situations. In response to the question why the CSTO did not interfere in the incident in Kazakhstan, during the emergency situation in Zhanaozen city, Bordyuzha said Kazakhstan managed to overcome all the issues on its own.

“The CSTO forces will be used in case the forces of member-states will not be enough,” Bordyuzha said, as quoted by Armenpress. He also expressed conviction that the real guilty in the situation in Kazakhstan were radical Islamist forces.

Speaking about integration processes in the territory of the CIS, Bordyuzha said CIS may follow the example of the European Union, where the EU ensures the economic development of the countries, and NATO serves as protective shield. “The same may be in the relations of the CSTO and EurAsEC,” the CSTO secretary general said.