Honor?: Promotion of Poghosyan draws angry response

Honor?: Promotion of  Poghosyan draws angry response


President Serzh Sargsyan’s decree issued on Tuesday to promote Mihran Poghosyan to the rank of Major General, has been meet with anger among the public.

Poghosyan has become known recently in society after it was learned that he beat one of his employees who served under him in his capacity as head of the Service for the Mandatory Execution of Judicial Acts (SMEJA).

His behavior, in fact, drew criticism from Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, who said it was “unacceptable and a violation the norms of ethics”. In fact, former Minister of Justice Gevorg Danielyan was dismissed in 2010 because he failed to reprimand Poghosyan for his behavior.

Two years later Poghosyan was not only left unpunished for applying to his own methods of “justice”, but he was also promoted.

Poghosyan is known as a businessman who enjoys the monopoly of importing citruses to Armenia. He avoided punishment last year, too, when the ‘Ketrin’ company, belonging to Poghosyan, was identified as a company that had forged the purchase documents for a substantial amount of banana, imported to Armenia, presenting it as an import to a third-world country in order to avoid taxes. Consequently, Poghosyan evaded an estimated $2 million in taxes to the state budget.

“The president [Sargsyan] could not simply take a step which would defame a general’s rank. This is disgrace for our country,” says Anahit Bakhshyan from parliamentary opposition Heritage Party. “Does anybody know what a service has he [Poghosyan] done for our country? If the president [Sargsyan] knows, let him say.”