Weather forecast: hot April and rain within the norm

Weather forecast: hot April and rain within the norm


Levon Azizyan and Zaruhi Petrosyan

In spite of the cold weather in February and March, as well as heavy snows, crops and fruits have wintered properly and no damages are registered as of now.

“More than average crop is expected after winter, even though weather conditions change all the time, and they may have their positive or negative impact upon the agriculture in the future,” says Zaruhi Petrosyan, head of the Operative Hydro-Meteorological Center at the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to her, the temperature will gradually rise from March 24. On March 26 the highest temperature in Ararat Valley will be 18C (64 F). And in April the highest temperature will be 26C-30C (78-86F).

The average monthly temperature in Yerevan in April will be 13C-14C (57F). The highest temperature during April may be registered on the last ten days of the month, reaching up to 30C (86F).

Unlike last April this year the level of precipitation in April will be close to the accepted norm.

Levon Azizyan, head of Hydrology Center, says that river waters will rise on April 10-20; the maximum spring thaw will be on May 10-20, especially in the rivers of Kura and Arax basin.

“This year the snow cover was 1.3-1.6 times thicker as compared to last year, therefore as a result of abrupt rise in temperature and precipitations the land areas adjacent to rivers will be flooded on May 10-20. The situation will be more dangerous in Shirak, Vayots Dzor, Syunik and Kotayk provinces,” Azizyan says.