Health Concern of Dog Disposal: Mass dumping causes alarm

Open disposal of dog carcasses in a Yerevan suburb are not only evidence of brutal elimination of strays, but are a health hazard.

Veterinarian Arman Elbakyan, who deals with issues of stray dogs, found three pits near Nubarashen highway, each containing corpses of 20 dead dogs.

“We have found the territory, because we knew that the Yerevan Municipality had given a space for neutralized dogs somewhere here. But the most terrible thing is that they [the holes] are open and they are a source of epidemics,” Elbakyan told ArmeniaNow.

According to Elbakyan, at least the external examination shows that the dogs have been killed by a weapon and by an application of violent force.

“There were traces of blood on bellies of some of the dogs, which appears to be caused by a weapon. There were traces of beating and blood on the heads of the dogs; this is unacceptable, because the organization, which is in charge of the dogs’ neutralization, must do it only by putting them down,” Elbakyan says.

Unigraph-X Ltd private company has been in charge of sterilizing stray dogs in Yerevan since 2006. Elbakyan is sure that the mass dumping of the dogs is also the work of this company.

The representatives of the company, which gets the annual 180-million-dram allocation (about $460,000) from the State Budget for sterilization purposes, state that they neutralize the dogs by putting them down (the company says during the two months of 2012 it neutralized 4,200 dogs) as it is prescribed by law, and before burying the dogs, they treat the dogs with special solution.

Meanwhile, Nare Aramyan representing the Armenian office of Pro Paws British charity organization is sure that Unigraph-X Ltd simply does not have the means for properly exterminating the dogs.

“They [Unigraph-X Ltd representatives] simply kill the dogs violently, because they do not have drugs to put the dogs down, and do not have a license to buy those drugs, either. They have chosen an easy way – to kill the dogs, and such a state of the dumping ground is astonishing. I wonder how an epidemic has not started in Yerevan yet,” Aramyan told ArmeniaNow.

According to Aramyan, the neutralized dogs must be cremated.