Armenians of Hungary say they have no connection to Ataturk’s bust vandalizing

The Armenian community of Hungary denies the claims of some Turkish mass media on their complicity in vandalizing Kemal Ataturk’s memorial, which was erected last September in Budapest.

The bronze bust of Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, was doused paint by unknown people. Ataturk is seen by many Armenians as responsible for Armenians’ exile from the Ottoman Turkey following the 1915 genocide.

Nikoghos Hakobian, representative of the Armenian community in Budapest, said that there is no such information on Armenians participation in the act of vandalism, and if there any, the Armenian community would have been informed about it

The unveiling of the memorial on September 29 in Hungary’s capital was preceded by strong protests from the local Armenian community, who applied to the municipality asking to rethink the plan and saying the placing of such monument will not be in Hungary’s interests.

The incident came amid continued strained relations between Armenia and Hungary over the extradition to Azerbaijan of the Azeri military officer who brutally killed his Armenia fellow student during NATO’s trainings in Hungary in 2004.