Armenia TV punishes “guilty” for soccer broadcasting glitch

Armenia TV punishes “guilty” for soccer broadcasting glitch

An Armenian television company has formally apologized to tens of thousands of its viewers in Armenia and worldwide who switched on their TV sets Friday night to watch the Armenia v Italy World Cup qualifier, hopefully with the help of a commentator, only to find no commenting assistance for most of the first half of the match.

The absence of a commentator left many fans “disoriented” as the match played at Yerevan’s Hrazdan Stadium was broadcast live.

In a statement released on Wednesday Armenia TV said it had punished those responsible for the technical error. It explained that what happened was the result of a “drawback” in an “intricate process of organizing a live broadcast.”

Armenia TV began bringing official Armenia soccer matches live to its audiences in September after reaching an agreement with the Armenian Football Federation whereby it also pledged to provide a high quality of live broadcasts.

Earlier, the Federation had an agreement for broadcasting the national team’s games with the H1 Public TV.

“Strict measures and clear steps have been taken. Those responsible have been punished and those guilty have been fired,” Armenia TV said, without elaborating.

The company also gave assurances that it had taken all necessary means to prevent similar situations in the future.