BREAKING NEWS: Candidate Hayrikyan wounded in shooting

BREAKING NEWS: Candidate Hayrikyan wounded in shooting


Paruyr Hayrikyan, a candidate in the current campaign for the presidency of Armenia was shot late Thursday evening in Tpagrichner street, downtown Yerevan. The wound was not fatal and it is reported that he was shot in the shoulder.

Few details are known as of shortly past midnight Yerevan time.

Armenianow tried to get in touch with candidate Hayrikyan by calling his cell phone. A young man answered and confirmed that he had been shot and taken to Grigor Lusavorish hospital.

A nurse on duty at the hospital informed ArmeniaNow that Hayrikyan was wounded in his right collarbone, but was conscious, the wound is not life-threatening and he is being shown all the necessary medical assistance.

Reportedly chief of police Vladimir Gasparyan and more than two dozens of police officers arrived after the incident.

Harikyan, 63, is a former Soviet dissident, and leader of the National Self-Determination Union, and is considered a marginal figure in the race for president, recently polling less than one percent of voter interest.

ArmeniaNow will be following developments as news emerges.