Syrian presidents receives Armenian lawmakers, Kesab situation discussed

Syrian presidents receives Armenian lawmakers, Kesab situation discussed


A six-member Armenian parliamentary delegation visiting Syria on a fact-finding mission concerning the situation of ethnic Armenian evacuees from Kesab, a small Armenian community on the border with Turkey, were received by the country’s President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday.

The delegation headed by MP Samvel Farmanyan conveyed to the Syrian leader a message from President Serzh Sargsyan in which he expressed condemnation of the terrorist groups fighting in Kesab with the backing of Turkey.

The Armenian president also thanked the Syrian state for the efforts it is making to protect all of its citizens.
President al-Assad reportedly voiced his appreciation of President Sargsyan’s position. He said that terrorism posed a threat of fragmenting a region that has been historically characterized by cultural and social diversity.

Hundreds of ethnic Armenian families had to flee their homes in Kesab in northeastern Syria and go to neighboring Latakia after al-Qaeda-affiliated armed bands penetrating from Turkish territory seized the town after clashes with Syrian government troops over the weekend.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, leading Armenian groups in the United States also urged the U.S. government to take immediate action “to end the vicious onslaught on the historically Armenian town of Kesab”.

During a meeting with State Department officials, Armenian American community representatives stressed, in urgent and frank terms, that “the United States has a unique responsibility to protect the citizens of Kessab especially since a large proportion of them have American families desperately seeking to provide protection and refuge for them.” The delegation submitted a series of requests for prompt U.S. action, reports