Soccer: Karabakh thrashes Darfur in ConIFA World Cup

After group stage defeats from Ellan Vanin (Isle of Man), 2-3, and County of Nice, 0-1, the players of Nagorno-Karabakh’s soccer team went on to beat Darfur 12-0 in the first placement round of the first-ever World Cup held under the aegis of ConIFA – a tournament for teams outside international soccer’s governing body, FIFA.

Gevorg Nranyan and Norayr Gyozalyan scored four goals for Nagorno-Karabakh each against what appeared to be the weakest side in the 12-team tournament being held in Ostersund, Sweden. In the first two games at the competition Darfur suffered crushing defeats from Padania and South Ossetia, conceding a total of 39 goals and scoring none.

In the second Placement round scheduled for June 7 Nagorno-Karabakh will play the tournament hosts, Sapmi, the team of the indigenous Finno-Ugric people better known as Laplanders.

County of Nice, Ellan Vanin, Arameans Suryoye and South Ossetia have reached the semifinals of the tournament to be played today.

The final and third-place matches are scheduled for Sunday.

More information about the tournament is available on its official website at