Hayrapetyan Victim of Azeri “Order”?: Detention of Karabakh native leads to public speculation

Authorities says well-known Armenian millionaire Levon Hayrapetyan’s detention at a Moscow airport is related to the businessman’s affiliation with organized crime, however, in Armenia the detention is being called an order by Azeris.

Hayrapetyan has been an advocate for strengthening Karabakh, and has been the financial source behind many charitable actions there.

Although official Yerevan has not responded to Hayrapetyan’s detention, the public and some politicians are already discussing the occurrence.

NK hero, major-general Arkadi Ter-Tadevosyan said that this case aims at casting a shadow on Armenian-Russian relations, as well as at hindering Armenia’s membership process to the Eurasian Economic Union.

“Hayrapetyan’s detention and instituting a legal proceeding against him is a political order. The only country in the world discontent of Levon Hayrapetyan’s activities could be Azerbaijan, whose government has always been envious of Armenian successes,” Ter-Tadevosyan mentioned in asekose.am.

Zhoghovurd newspaper also reflected on Hayrapetyan’s detention not excluding that behind the Armenian businessman’s detention there are political motivations.

“Let’s not forget that Levon Hayrapetyan is considered a lobbyist of international level in recognition cases of both Nagorno-Karabakh Independence and the Genocide,” the newspaper wrote. A relative of the businessman, a resident of Vank village Vahan Gurgenyan informed the daily that Hayrapetyan was in Vank since July 9 meeting with NK President Bako Sahakyan. On July 14 he left for Moscow, where he was detained..

Hayrapetyan was born in Vank, in the Martakert Province in NK; he built a hospital, a school and a kindergarten in his hometown and aided road-building in Karabakh. He is best known for organizing and sponsoring a ceremony in 2008, in which 700 couples were married in Karabakh on promise of financial rewards for starting families. According to the media reports, Hayrapetyan has also funded construction of a military academy in Karabakh.

According to ITAR-TASS, Hayrapetian has been taken into custody, as a Moscow court granted the corresponding petition of Russian law-enforcement agencies.