MFA mum on future of Turkey-Armenia protocols after Sargsyan’s remarks at UN

Official Yerevan does not make further comments regarding the possible withdrawal of the Turkey-Armenia protocols from the National Assembly following President Serzh Sargsyan’s allowing such a possibility in his speech at the United Nations.

Addressing the 69th session of the UN General Assembly in New York on September 24, Sargsyan said that “official Yerevan is seriously considering the issue of recalling the Armenian-Turkish Protocols from the parliament.”

“Armenia has never conditioned the normalization of the bilateral relations with Turkey by recognition of the Armenian Genocide. In fact, Armenia was the party that initiated such a process which culminated in the signing of the Zurich Protocols in 2009. However, those Protocols have been shelved for years now awaiting ratification in the Turkish Parliament,” the Armenian leader declared.

“Ankara declares publicly that it will ratify those Protocols only if Armenians cede Nagorno- Karabakh, independent Artsakh, to Azerbaijan. In Armenia and Artsakh ordinary people often just retort to such preconditions: “To hell with you ratification.” This vernacular phrase concentrates the age-old struggle of the entire nation, and it unequivocally explains to those who attempt to bargain the others’ homeland that the motherland is sacrosanct, and they had better stay away from us with their bargain. It is in these circumstances that currently the official Yerevan is seriously considering the issue of recalling the Armenian-Turkish Protocols from the parliament,” Sargsyan added.

During a joint press conference with the visiting UNDP Administrator, Under-Secretary-General Helen Clark in Yerevan, on Monday, in the context of President Sargsyan’s remarks at the UN, Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian was asked whether there were approximate dates for the recalling of the Turkey-Armenia protocols from the Parliament.

“If there was such a decision, the President of the Republic would probably say about it. But the President said what he said and as of now I have nothing to add,” the top Armenian diplomat said.