Capital Clean-Up: Foreign garbage-removal operator starts work in Yerevan

Capital Clean-Up: Foreign garbage-removal operator starts work in Yerevan


A Lebanese company that had won a tender announced by the Yerevan municipality began to operate in the Armenian capital this month.

Mayor Taron Margaryan inspected the garbage-removal equipment of Sanitek s.a.r.l. displaced in the city’s Shahumyan Square on December 1.

Two companies had been chosen to provide services in Yerevan in a 2012 tender in which companies specializing in garbage removal and sanitary cleaning from eight countries were participating.

The Lebanese company will be responsible for providing the services in Yerevan’s western administrative districts (Achapnyak, Davtashen, Kentron, Malatia-Sebastia, Shengavit), while a consortium of the Armenian-Swedish companies, Ecogroup and LL Milioconsult, will provide the services in the eastern sector (the administrative districts of Arabkir, Avan, Erebuni, Kanaker-Zeytun, Nor-Nork and Nubarashen).

“Organization of garbage removal is a serious problem for every large city and Yerevan is no exception,” Mayor Taron Margaryan said, as quoted by the Municipality press service. He added that the two companies entrusted with the service in Yerevan have a 10-year contract.

“The process has started only in the administrative district of Kentron. After the transitional stage is over and the company’s work takes its normal course, the process will be organized also in the rest of the administrative districts. Thus, we can say that already today services corresponding to international standards gradually start to be provided in Yerevan,” Margaryan said.

According to a Sanitek s.a.r.l. representative, the company has so far invested about 10 million Euros (about $12.5 million) in the enterprise in Armenia. It currently has 150 workers, but plans to increase the staff to 300, with the minimal wages set at $500.

To a reporter’s question about whether citizens will have to pay more for the higher quality of the service, Mayor Margaryan said: “In 2015, the price for garbage collection will not change, as we plan to offer the quality service at the same price due to raising the efficiency of work and by way of consolidation of organizations.”