Sweet News: Armenian confectioner wins gold at Culinary World Cup 2014

Armenian confectioner Vera Hovhannisyan has won a gold medal and a Cup at the Culinary World Cup 2014 held in Luxemburg.

The contest held on November 22-26 featured more than 1,000 participants from 60 countries, as well as 105 national, regional and youth teams.

Hovhannisyan told reporters that her twin sister Rena also joined her in the competitions.

“We presented two works named “Cats” and “Fishes”, made from sugar and caramel. In favorable conditions the compositions can be kept for years,” Hovhannisyan told reporters. “After the competition, we presented my work to one of Luxemburg’s culinary schools”.

It took the confectioner two months to prepare for the contest. The young confectioner who has won at a number of international competitions also before said the time and efforts were worthwhile.

As Hovhannisyan said, juries from different countries were very happy to see her in the competition again. She also noted that there was another Armenian taking part in the Culinary World Cup. Yervand Kalashyan won a silver medal presenting a picture made of rice.