Nazik Armenakyan Presents: Images of Genocide survivors

A photo exhibition honoring survivors of the Armenian Genocide titled simply "Survivors" opened April 23 at the Union of Artists in Yerevan and is the two-year work of photojournalist Nazik Armenakyan.

In black and white it presents photos of 40 people who were eyewitnesses to the horrors that befell Armenians during the scourge by Ottoman Turkey in 1915-18.

Armenakyan, staff photographer at ArmeniaNow, says the experience of capturing the faces that represent the family histories of so many millions of Armenians worldwide was "another attempt to remind of the innocent victims of 1915."

“I have photographed people holding their old photographs in their hands – one end of the thread connecting them with the past,” says Armenakyan.

“Some of these people never had a photograph taken of them during their whole life. Perhaps this is their last photograph. Only this could have become a good reason for a separate project.”

The photographer says the project is not over and will continue as long as genocide survivors are alive and “can testify to what they eye-witnessed.”

The exhibition is open to general public and will be on until May 5.

Click here for online version of the "Survivors" photo project.