Park painting: Armenian children mark Environment Day

Park painting: Armenian children mark Environment Day

One of the most favorite parks of Yerevan residents, English Park, was transformed over the weekend into a bright place with merry colors of rainbow thanks to paintings created by children as part of an art-environmental contest.

More than 1,500 pictures just within four hours were created by children aged 3-15 who gathered to celebrate the Environment Day in Armenia.

This is already the second year that the Pan-Armenian Art Contest is held in Yerevan, which is realized by Wildlife and Cultural Heritage Protection Foundation in Armenia and VivaCell-MTS. The Armenian Ministry of Culture also supported the holding of the event by allocating 400,000 drams (more than $1,000).

Representatives of the Armenian Ministry of Science and Education as well as the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) were also present at the event.

Some 500 children took part in the contest (from Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh), who were selected to take part in the contest due to their previous works. The Diaspora was also involved in the event this year as about 300 pictures had been received from Armenian communities abroad.. Children of passers-by also painted in separate canvases.

“Education through painting comprises several components – art, ability to see, to think, to judge, to separate the good from the bad, as well as to act as part of a team,” said Head of the Foundation Ruben Khachatryan.

The first bus decorated by children is created thanks to this event and the author of one of the paintings is 13-year-old Tigran Simonyan.

“I want to show by my picture the way factories pollute our air, which affects us through polluted rain; and animals die because of it. And every time people see Bus # 43, they will become more careful and more attentive, and they will protect nature,” says Tigran.

Tigran’s coevals also touched on different environmental issues like logging, air and water pollution, killing of animals, etc. However, the main theme of children’s paintings was nature. Those recognized as winners will get different prizes, including an opportunity to participate in summer schools organized by the Foundation.