Prosecutors drop case against Sukhudyan, launch new criminal probe

Prosecutors drop case against Sukhudyan, launch new criminal probe


The examination of the circumstances mentioned in the news broadcast on November 13, 2008 by the “Haylur” program of Public TV about the immoral acts committed against the pupils of Nubarashen Special School 11 by the teacher L. S. of the same school is carried on in the Yerevan Investigation Department of the RA Police General Investigation Department.

Taking into consideration the public interest and in reply to mass media inquiries we announce that the criminal case initiated by the Erebuni Investigation Division on the dissemination of false information humiliating the teacher’s good reputation, dignity and honor was terminated on the instruction by the prosecutor supervising the preliminary investigation of the criminal case (RA Criminal Code, Article 135), the criminal pursuit against M. Sukhudyan was terminated and the precautionary measure was cancelled.

During the preliminary investigation carried out by the Investigation Department of Yerevan, it turned out that the Erebuni Investigation Division interpreted the previously obtained proofs in its own way. Besides, new evidence was obtained as a result of which the charge against M. Sukhudyan was not proved. A criminal case was initiated on the immoral acts against the minors. The results of the preliminary investigation will be informed.

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