Pollster: Tsarukyan appeals to female voters

Pollster: Tsarukyan appeals to female voters


Aharon Adibekyan

If you are a woman with a secondary education and work in a private sector somewhere in a province there is a good chance you’d vote for Gagik Tsarukyan if this beefy millionaire businessman leading the opposition-leaning Prosperous Armenia Party decided to run for president next year, according to a leading Armenian pollster.

At a press conference on Thursday Aharon Adibekyan, head of the Sociometer Center for Sociological Research, cited the most recent survey conducted by his institution showing a prevailing support for Tsarukyan from the above-mentioned group of voters who see him as “a good man who promises good things.”

Adibekyan emphasized that if Tsarukyan decided to run for president he would most likely be vying not for the “decided” electorate of the government candidate, but rather for the “hesitant” voters tending to support an opposition candidate.

Adibekyan, who has been criticized for his “biased” surveys in the past, said ex-president Levon Ter-Petrosyan, who currently leads the main opposition bloc, Armenian National Congress, enjoys the liking of only a third of respondents in Sociometer’s most recent poll, while two thirds of respondents “dislike” him, making him the most “dislikable” politician among the possible presidential hopefuls. The other ex-president, Robert Kocharyan, is liked by 70 percent and incumbent president Serzh Sargsyan by 80 percent of the respondents, respectively, according to the poll.

Remarkably, Tsarukyan has scored 90 percent “likes” in the Adibekyan survey, clearly making him the most favored politician in Armenia at present. The pollster explained Tsarukyan’s “high mark” by the fact that he has never been at the sharp end of government.