ANC into a party?: Paper says opposition bloc set to undergo transformation

Members of Armenia’s main opposition bloc are actively discussing the possibility of its being transformed into a political party, writes a local newspaper, citing its sources.

According to the 168 Zham daily, most members of the Armenian National Congress (ANC), however, do not want to dissolve their parties and merge into one political party.

“But the situation when every time each party presents its dissatisfaction with the ANC’s steps cannot continue either,” the paper adds.

It is assumed that ANC coordinator and head of the alliance’s seven-member faction in the National Assembly Levon Zurabyan will become chairman of the ANC Party.

Ex-president Levon Ter-Petrosyan, the current leader of the ANC, has not spoken about the matter since announcing his decision not to contest the 2013 presidential election as a candidate citing his age as the main obstacle. The announcement on December 25 triggered speculation about Ter-Petrosyan’s retiring from active politics and giving over the reins of power in the opposition bloc to a successor – possibly Zurabyan.