Opposition party slams ‘regime’ over another electoral ‘crime’

Opposition party slams ‘regime’ over another electoral ‘crime’

An opposition party led by former president Levon Ter-Petrosyan has accused the ruling administration of committing another electoral ‘crime’ after the ruling party swept the Sunday elections to Yerevan’s municipal assembly.

In a statement issued late on Sunday the Armenian National Congress (ANC) said by the level of violations the May 5 elections did not differ from the previous ones held by the current government.

“Traditional ugly electoral violations have been registered everywhere. Those included vote buying, ballots directed and guided by local thugs sponsored by the ruling Republican Party of Armenia, repeated voting, a voting ‘carousel’, ballot-box stuffing, crowding at polling stations, intimidation of voters, etc.,” said the ANC.

“The elections to the Council of Elders have become another crime of the ruling regime against democracy and the people of Armenia for which the ruling political force and its leaders will unequivocally will be held accountable,” it added.

The Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) as well as election officials have dismissed allegations of widespread violations during the May 5 vote, describing the elections as mostly peaceful and democratic.

The preliminary results reported by the Central Election Commission early on Monday show the RPA winning the elections by a landslide, with nearly 56 percent of the vote. The ANC, along with three other parties, did not manage to clear the 6-percent hurdle necessary to enter the municipal body, polling only 4.39 percent of the vote.

The ‘alternative’ Prosperous Armenia Party and the opposition bloc, Hello Yerevan, finished distant second and third, with about 23 and 8.5 percent of the vote, respectively.