Ter-Petrosyan sees no alternative to Sargsyan’s resignation

Opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan believes that President Serzh Sargsyan must resign immediately if he is “sincerely concerned about the future of Armenia and Artsakh”.

The ex-president made this call in an article published on ilur.am on Wednesday. Ter-Petrosyan, in particular, pointed out Sargsyan’s “adventurist” foreign policy due to which, he contended, Armenia is now viewed as an unreliable partner both in the West and in Russia.

The opposition leader clearly referred to Sargsyan’s volte-face in announcing last month Armenia’s decision to join the Russia-led Customs Union, calling into question the prospect of further political and economic integration with the European Union.

“Speaking in chess terminology, Sargsyan has appeared in a zugzwang situation in which any move he makes will lead to a defeat. Each day of his rule is a loss for Armenia and Artsakh,” asserted Ter-Petrosyan.

The ANC leader suggested that if Sargsyan agrees to resign, his move should not entail a “political vendetta”. Moreover, he said, the National Assembly must provide full immunity to his person and property.

Ter-Petrosyan emphasized that Armenia needs a new president “capable of restoring the country’s international reputation as a trustworthy and responsible partner.” At the same time, the former leader made it clear that he would not run for the top post should a presidential election be held. Moreover, he said that his successor Robert Kocharyan must not seek to return to power either “not least because he brought Sargsyan to power” through a deadly suppression of post-election street protests in March 2008.

“Time is running out. And if Serzh Sargsyan, as I already mentioned, has found himself in a zugzwang situation, then the Armenian people are in a time-trouble situation,” the ANC leader concluded.