Spokesman: RPA awaits PAP’s “messages” to public

The ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) will wait to see what political statements are made and what messages are sent to the public by the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) during its upcoming convention, spokesman Eduard Sharmazanov said.

According to him, the meeting of the RPA’s executive body held late on Thursday did not discuss any issue related to the PAP.

On February 12, apparently enraged by Tsarukyan’s open challenge to him, President Serzh Sargsyan lashed out at PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan, calling him “evil” and a “pseudo-political phenomenon”. He called on the RPA, the party that he leads, to exclude Tsarukyan from the political process.

After several days of a tense standoff that included detentions of a number of Tsarukyan loyalists the PAP leader made conciliatory remarks and his party, too, appeared to seek a truce by calling off a major opposition rally originally expected to demand Sargsyan’s resignation.

Judging from the statements of senior RPA members, they are still adamant in their opinion that Tsarukyan, who is also known as a wealthy businessman, must quit politics and be engaged only in entrepreneurial activities.

“We’ll see what the PAP decides on March 5, who remains in politics and who quits, whether they elect a new leader or a new governing body, what program they adopt and what message they have to the public,” Sharmazanov said, adding that President Sargsyan, as expected, will give his opinion on the planned constitutional reform by the end of March.