Armenian expert: Azerbaijan’s vote victory for Aliyev clan, defeat for people

Only escalation of the situation at the frontlines should be expected after last Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan, an expert in Yerevan believes.

Grigory Ayvazyan, the head of the Azerbaijani Armenians’ Assembly, says dictatorship in Azerbaijan will only be solidified with the vote that gave President Ilham Aliyev’s ruling party has regained its majority in the country’s parliament.

“The Baku regime will become more aggressive, there will be more casualties in the Karabakh conflict zone unless we are prepared for these dangers,” Ayvazyan said at a press conference on Monday.

Implying Azerbaijan’s increasingly strained relations with the West and growing ties with Russia, Ayvazyan said that this would only add to Aliyev’s aggressiveness.

In Sunday’s parliamentary elections that took place in the absence of leading western monitoring organizations Azerbaijan’s ruling Yeni Azerbaijan party won a majority of seats in the 125-member parliament.

Ayvazyan, a native of Baku who fled Azerbaijan following ethnic tensions in the late 1980s, believes that Azerbaijan is keen on offering “new surprises” to the Armenian side. He, in particular, expects a “hot winter” in the conflict zone.

“It is no coincidence that elections had been scheduled in Azerbaijan and Turkey for the same day. Azerbaijan is trying to highlight the strategic friendly relations with Turkey, that they are two people, but one nation,” he claimed.

In Ayvazyan’s opinion, the November 1 vote was the most disgraceful in the history of Azerbaijan. “This was, no doubt, a victory for the Aliyev clan, but a hard and painful defeat for the multiethnic population of Azerbaijan, which is cast back to the dark Middle Ages,” he said.

As for Azerbaijan’s opposition figures that could be a real alternative to “Aliyev fascist regime”, according to the expert, they are “either dead or imprisoned”.